Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rough Week

My 5 year old (Isaiah) was admitted into the hospital on Monday and was discharged on Wednesday (won't get into details right now). So then on Friday morning Joshua wakes up with 102.2 fever which ends up at 103. As I'm getting ready to take him in to ER, Isaiah is complaining of pain and also needs to be taken in. Long story short...I take them both in and Joshua gets admitted. I not only have to deal with both my children getting sick and going back into the hospital, I also have to deal with getting treated like crap from one of the residents there. As far as Joshua...we are still in the hospital and they are monitoring him. He did have to be placed on oxygen. His lungs don't show signs of pneumonia yet (pray he doesn't develop it). He aspirates and this might just be the cause of his respiratory distress. It can also be that he is coming down with something (like a cold....etc.). FYI: The children that deal with so many issues like Joshua and have the problems like him usually get more sick than a child who doesn't have these issues. So......he should not be exposed to sick people (even if it just seems like a little runny nose). I just don't want to offend anyone in case it looks like I get over protective of him. This morning so far has been worse than yesterday. They had to deep suction him several times. He also got his fever back and was having such a hard time breathing even with the oxygen given. His heart rate was really fast and we couldn't get him to calm down. He also had a couple of different spasms (seizures). It breaks my heart to see him go through so much. Lord knows he has had such a rough start. As of right now he is calm and his breathing is stable. They also have decreased the oxygen. He sounds so so much better and is sleeping (he is so tired from this morning). As far as the seizures, he hasn't had them anymore. I was told that they were probably break through seizures because of the fever. I pray they don't come back. I am currently using Tony's laptop at the hospital so I will give an update as soon as I get one. Keep us in prayer! Pray for healing and strength upon our family.

Oh, as far as the tv, I haven't had word on it. I'm disappointed but we will continue with plans as soon as we get back on track. I also am so happy to have met our new friends (Vanessa, John, and Giulianna). The Lord has certainly put them in our path for a reason. Joshie's friend Giulianna is so cute! Keep her in your prayers as well (see link).