Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just another thing to add to the list?

He is doing a little better. If he doesn't stop throwing up by the end of this week we will need to see the surgeon again. He wanted to give him time just in case it is a virus of some sort. He is still throwing up though, randomly. Anyway, today we went to another appointment and they tell me he probably needs glasses. GLASSES??? So far, a couple of people say,"he will look so cute". OK, but it is just another thing to add to the list. I know I sound so negative right now. I just am having a really hard day today. Maybe it will help him with focusing.....blah blah blah.. Then again I got the speech also that it all has to do mainly with the damage that occurred at birth because of the lack of oxygen. I guess I need to shake it off today and tomorrow will be another day. I also didn't have such a great weekend either, so it doesn't help. I was around many little ones his age.....NOT HAVING A GOOD DAY. This is it for now.