Monday, June 2, 2008


Our car wash was very successful. We are still working on our raffle tickets and hopefully we will complete our goal of getting enough for a month of treatments (God willing maybe even for more down the road especially if it proves to show positive results). I want to thank everyone that helped out washing cars, those of you who sent people our way, and those of you who gave so generously. I also want to thank Eric Ortiz for making t-shirts for the guys to wear. I was so touched with the generosity of everyone who gave and took part. We are truly blessed to have the loving support from our family and friends.

I also wanted to share how a little girl named Lani touched my heart. She willingly gave out of her own money because she wanted to help. As I drove home I prayed, even through this little girl you show me your love. As I prayed, I felt as though God's loving arms were stretched out towards me and felt the warmth of his spirit. I truly believe God revels himself through different people and situations. I pray blessings upon everyone that has demonstrated God's love towards us.

Today we opened up an account to be used specifically for Joshua. I am so excited to be off to such a great start in our fundraising. I pray for God's glory to be shown through all of this. Already I have seen such a big impact Joshua has made in so many people's lives. It is incredible to know my little baby is being used tremendously by the Lord. I will say, this has not been an easy road. There were many times I would tell the Lord, "but why can't you choose someone else". Don't get me wrong, I'd never wish this on anyone. I guess cause while he was in the NICU some people would tell me, "wait and see the Lord is going to use Joshua in a mighty way". I know one day and some how it will all make sense. All I know right now is no matter how hard it gets, I will trust him. This doesn't mean I will always be ok with it....I imagine the Lord looking down on me with a smile cause only he knows our little one on one sessions (ha ha).