Friday, June 20, 2008

Roller Coaster Not Over Yet ??

His EEG showed improvement from the last one he had, but it also showed there is still seizure activity (more activity on the right side of his brain). I know I always ask for prayer, however, I would like for you to pray specifically for the seizure activity going on. I pray that we see only positive activity through both sides of his brain and all this abnormal activity showing up to be gone in Jesus Name. He is still having horrible seizures that look like spasms pulling him to the right side. I hate seeing him go through this. These last couple of days it seems like they have gotten stronger. He also seems to have the same infection (from aspiration) he had since he was admitted into the hospital. They told me they gave him an antibiotic that wasn't for the specific infection he has in his lungs. So now he is on new medication again. I hope this takes care of it quick. He is not doing well right now. He gags and chokes constantly. I had to pull over at the side of the road just to suction him the other day. This may also be the reason why he is spitting up. It also affects his breathing. I spoke to the Dr. and I'm going to keep monitoring him. I pray we don't end up in the ER again. I feel extremely drained these last couple of days....actually weeks.

Joshua's birthday is coming up on June 25. I can't believe he will be one already. His awesome therapist helped me take pictures of him for his birthday. I will post later. Even though I'm not feeling so great right now, I do have to thank the Lord for allowing Joshua to come this far.