Thursday, December 4, 2008

Change of Plans & ER visit

Well they called me and said they can't do the fundo until December 18 because they didn't realize they had over booked and Dr. was going out of town. GREAT! Like we can really wait. My poor baby has to hold on longer. The first thing out of my mouth was "I hope he doesn't end up in the hospital before then". Well, guess what we did! sort of...

Yesterday afternoon he had 103 fever. After I gave him all his treatments, meds, and cooled him off his fever came down. Thank God. So I thought we were in the clear. Then this morning I wake up and he has 104 fever. His breathing was also labored. I took him to the ER and spent practically the whole day there. They then told me he had the flu (was told it is type B: meaning cough and fever). The doctor said that since his breathing had gotten better and seemed pretty stable he could come back home. We just need to keep monitoring him closely because it can become very serious considering all the stuff he's got going on. I am so sad he has the flu. My poor baby. He goes through so much. He looks miserable.

Here is the run down of our week:

Monday-labs/blood work to check levels (meds)

Tuesday-Gastric emptying test (passed----although test was done differently than what his regular feeding routine at home is-- I can't help to wonder is it a true accurate picture of what goes on in his tummy?

Wednesday- pulmonary appointment/GI appointment/Radiology: x rays (YES we were there all day)

Thursday- ER all DAY

*****so I almost think he might have picked something up from the hospital since we have been there so much this week!