Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well we are finally settled back home. I have been really busy getting our appointments scheduled and getting him back into therapy. He was re-evaluated by his physical, occupational, and speech therapist. All three have noticed a difference in him. PROGRESS!!!! He hasn't even had a full therapy session and already they notice a difference in him. I also took him to his pulmonologist and the first thing he said when he saw him was "wow he seems to be having a good day and seems very alert today". I then reminded him we had hyperbaric therapy and told him Joshua has been like this lately. I can't wait to get him started back into therapy, we are just waiting for all the paper work to go through (because we were gone for so long they had to discharge him and now need to admit him back in). Joshua has really been a little show off lately. Here are the things he has done:

1. first week or two after Hyperbaric treatments we were able to lift his arms and he is no longer as stiff as he was before (we couldn't lift his arms or bend them because of cerebral palsy)

2. more alert and almost as if trying to get in tune with what is going on around him

3. turns his head more...rather than just staying to the right (turns left and right especially when he hears people)

4. caught him tracking Tony across the room (followed him with his eyes--focusing)

5. is moving his legs in the crawling motion (placed him on the floor and used my hands to push himself around the floor--he is still very weak from his upper body)

6. has been trying to suck and actually latched on to my finger a couple of times

7. making more vocal sounds

8.moving his hands and arms (before he only did it when he was having seizures)

9. Seizures have decreased! they are not as violent as before (we would count at least thirty seizures in about 11 hours and now we only see around 6 small seizures!!!!

10. Stays Awake most of the day now! before hyperbaric he would only be awake a couple of hours and sleep most of the day. Now he sleeps through the night and is awake all day and falls asleep around 7pm (he will do this a couple of days straight and then the next couple of days will take naps)

I hope I didn't forget anything else...I am excited to see him doing these things. He is such a determined little boy. OH, yesterday I also moved him to the right which was away from the television and he started to make little noises like he was agitated, so I positioned him back and then he was content. I then moved him again to see if he was upset because I disturbed his tv time(no, he doesn't really get tv time--haha). Sure enough he made little noises again and slowly tried turning to his left (towards the tv)until he faced the tv. Little stinker wanted to watch tv! He looked so cute though because his little face was content and he was so into the television. I LOVE IT!!!

I definitely plan on going back for more hyperbaric treatments as soon as there is a school holiday or vacation time.