Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still Praying?!

Well we had xrays Thursday and it showed that there is no change. We just got a percussor (which is a machine that vibrates and suppose to loosen stuff up in his chest. Also, we are starting two meds along with it. We are to do this for two weeks and then go back again for xrays. I pray we do see a change. My poor little guy is now being suctioned a lot more througout the day and constantly getting CPT (like aggressive patting on his chest/back). I hate suctioning him through his nose and mouth with the catheter! He gets so upset, tears up, and little face turns red. I know it is needed though. Don't check him off your prayer list yet...thank you.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Please Pray for Joshua

Joshua has a collapsed lower lung lobe. They wanted to admit him into the hospital but are giving us a week to try a few things to get it to open up. I will take him in for xrays next week to see if it shows any improvements. His seizures have also slightly increased. They are also going to wait on the surgery (fundo) because he is sick.