Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hernia Hernia Go Away!

WEll when he was in ICU they discovered he had again another hernia (from all the gagging). The only thing to do is surgery again but he is to much of a high risk to go under right now. We finally got him stable! However, he threw up twice last thursday. He also has been having more food in his tummy than usual. So this means at times he is not digesting everything because of the hernia (food is shifting everywhere). It is not a constant thing yet so not gonna go into worry mode yet. I really don't think we will do surgery unless he really isn't digesting 1/2 of his usual intake. This will then be a major problem. Pedi doesn't think he will get through surgery if he does go under. So yes we traded one problem for another in the mean time. Another thing that can also affect him is throwing up and aspriating on it (going into lungs). It's like one BIG CYCLE. We are going to see the surgeon in Aug. to discuss what we basically already know (haha).

On a good note.....he will be turning 3 years old on June 25!!! He has gone through so much in 3 years....gosh my baby boy is a super human baby. Thank you Lord for these blessed (although tough at many times) years of having time with my precious lil guy. I think about all the kisses, hugs, half smiles, and unspoken communication he shows us with those beautiful eyes. He is our angel. Thank you Lord for Joshua.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cruise control

so we've been seeing the pediatrican every week so he can keep track and monitor him. The last thing he said to us was we were on cruise control. In this he means he isn't getting better and isn't getting worse. However the last couple of days we managed to take him off oxygen and the cpap (blows air to keep his airway opened). He actually only uses the cpap while asleep. He is such a fighter...Joshua is superbaby for sure. So he actually looks better!!!! Will post later, it's Isaac's b-day today so we are off to celebrate (6yrs). Thank you for all your prayers. Just continue to pray for God's will...that is the only thing I pray for. Thank you again.