Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lift Joshua in Prayer

These last two days he has not been doing so well. I was so excited telling people at church Wednesday how great he was doing. Then he wakes up Friday morning with fever and lots of secretions. I've been having to suction him a lot and he has been throwing up large amounts (should not be happening because of fundo surgery--but may be because he is sick). I hate this!!! Again a few steps forward and now back. I just pray we don't end up in the hospital. So far tonight I've given him something for the fever again. He is finally sleeping peacefully. As of right now his breathing is ok, even though at times (especially when he throws up) I need to calm him down by suctioning or repositioning him. He seems to eventually calm down after I clear him up. If it gets worse or I don't see an improvement I will have to take him in. We have an appointment this coming week (Monday)and hopefully he can be seen then.