Friday, May 23, 2008

Staying Strong

Joshua did fine during surgery and is now completely awake. They waited a little over 6 hours to start feeding him. He is getting continuous feeds through his G-button and the amounts are very small. They are increasing it every four hours, slowly of course. Now we have to wait to see if the fundo works for him. If for some reason it doesn't, then they have to do the procedure all over again. I am so glad I didn't really get to see him on the ventilator and they didn't have a hard time taking it out. THANK YOU LORD! Just thinking about him on it made me begin to feel all those emotions I had when he was first born. I kept thinking it would be so hard to see him like that all over again and relive those moments of "not knowing". For those of you who have not heard of my ventilator story, about how the Lord heard my aggressive prayer and then miraculously removed it, I will tell later.

About the raffle, we have submitted our ticket order and are currently waiting. The prizes have changed a little bit. These are the prizes: 1st prize western Caribbean cruise for two/ 2nd prize $300 Lowe's gift certificate/ 3rd prize $200 computer pen with software/4th prize Motorola bluetooth ear set/ 5th prize $50 Two George's dinner gift certificate. I would like to thank our friends that have helped us out with donations and provided our prizes. Special Thanks to Comfort Travel Center, Endres Construction, Jarred Cassidy, Jesse Montez, and Two George's. I also want to thank Elida and Larry for the donated tickets. I appreciate our friends and family for all the support they have shown us through all of this. Another fundraiser going on right now is also being held by the Firefighter's Union. Danny Valdez brought our situation up to the Union which resulted in a raffle. They are raffling off gas cards. Thank you to our firefighters family for your efforts in helping Joshua. Also, Homer Sierra is putting together a car wash. So for all of you people that want your cars to be washed by a firefighter go to Walgreen's at Doderidge and Staples. It will be on May 31 around 11:00. I know there are so many more people I need to thank. Thank you all who are helping out with this! We really appreciate it. We love you guys and it means the world to us that you care for our Joshua.

I also appreciate those of you who leave comments on our blog, text message us, call, visit at the hospital, and have helped with our boys. It lifts my spirit to know you care. It also shows your thoughts and prayers are with us. Tony and I are also very lucky to have such wonderful parents. The BEST Parents in the world! They have helped out so much. It is so hard leaving our boys, but it helps to know they are always in loving hands. Thank you to our parents for being there for us in this very difficult time.