Thursday, May 8, 2008

Surgery Scheduled

They turned off the oxygen today and he is doing fine without it. Tommorrow they will do an upper GI exam to make sure everything is ok to proceed with plans for the Fundo surgery. They also scheduled appt. with the surgeon on May 14. The surgeon is the same one that did the G-button surgery (that's about the only thing that brings me comfort). The actual surgery for the fundo is on May 22. So, I'm very nervous and scared. I know of people who have had this done on their babies and try to keep that in mind. They are doing fine and have said that it has helped their children for the better. However, everyone is different and responds to it differently. Someone came in to talk to me about the procedure today and we discussed all the bad things about it. I know God is in control of everything. I am still really sad and wish I could just get a quick miracle.
It's really wierd the way things work. Just eight days before Joshua was admitted we had our pulmonologist appointment. He told us we didn't need the fundo at that time because he was doing ok. He said his weight was still increasing at a good rate and he also pointed out that he had only been admitted once since being discharged from the NICU at birth. So...if there were any issues down the road then we'd have to think about the fundo. Here we are a week or so later. Gosh, maybe it was God's way of preparing me in some wierd way. Like I said only God knows!