Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still in hospital

He is doing a lot better but is still on oxygen. They spoke to me about a fundo. They've spoken to me about this surgery before but they felt that he was not in need of it at the time. Now that he's been admitted with this respiratory distress they feel it is the best option for him. The fundoplication is going to help with the reflux and keep him from aspirating the food (into the lungs). However, it will not stop him from aspirating on his own secretions (saliva). It should be better for him........I still feel horrible about him needing surgery. The Dr. said we will discuss it further when he gets better. I'm so sad that he has to go through even more procedures. Pray for Joshua. Pray that everything turns out for the best. This is all I want for him.


mommy22angelsCK said...

Joshie is in the hands of the Lord, i pray the Lord give the Dr.'s wisdom, and Joshie the strength to keep fighting & getting better. Love u guys!

laila said...

You have our prayers!!!It can be so hard watching your baby go through so much....hugs!