Thursday, September 25, 2008

Forward Backward Forward Backward!!!!!!!!!!

The last two weeks Joshua was doing awesome! He was showing us new movements, hardly had to be suctioned, and showing off his vocal abilities (crying!!!!). So So excited!!! Then...Tuesday secretions increased and he started to spit up again. Wednesday seizures increased and then last night high fever! Here we go again. I am so freaken tired of this cycle. It feels like we are going back and forth. I have not been at my best these last couple of days because it is so draining. Also, these dumb glasses we are suppose to get have been such a headache. First we couldn't find them, then we were told we would not be covered, we then were notified we would, and now they said no again. I think today we finally cleared up the mess and we are waiting for the final OK. Still NO GLASSES yet. Again back and forth even with this! TIRED. Can't anything be easy? Even the things that ought to be easy aren't. Make Sense? I am getting ready for another appointment today (just came back from one)so here we go out the door again. Tony and I have been very stressed lately so please keep us in prayer...oh and of course most importantly Joshua.


jenny20penny said...

Your in my prayers Myra. I sometimes feel weird typing stuff on here because who am I to say anything. I can only imagine how hard it all must be. But one thing I can do for you Myra, is pray...Pray for your marriage, pray for your strength, and most importantly...pray for Joshua. I love you.... :)