Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Love My Angel

I had not posted because our visit to the surgeon didn't really change anything. The only thing we decided was do the surgery or not????? So we decided to see if he was truly refluxing because he has had a lot of milky mucus like secretions. We put food coloring into his milk and then did a follow up with the surgeon. No blue coming up!! However, he has had a lot of issues digesting his food because of the hernia. When we vent him he seems to have a lot of food still in his tummy and lots of air. Then his feeding need to be held back and therefore not getting all calories he is suppose to get. We just saw the surgeon Monday again and he said this is reason enough to have surgery. BUMMER!!! I'm not sure why but this time I really feel sick to my stomach about it. It might just be because of what he did the last time (placed on vent and didn't do so well). Also, it is also a higher risk because he's had surgery more than once now. There is also a possibility this time they might need to really open up the area in his tummy. The surgeon will be placing a mesh of some sort to try to help support the stomach to try to prevent another hernia. Honestly I don't even feel like posting anymore or explaining.Pray for the best. With or without is scary. This is my precious baby. Surgery date is Thursday, November 12.