Saturday, April 26, 2008

Timeline given to some of you after NICU & Updates

June 25--- --CPR & placed on ventilator

June 27------seizures stabilized due to medications

June 29/30--signs of kidneys functioning

July 8--------afternoon nurse reports ventilator un-lodged itself unexplainably causing decision for removal and nasal cannula placed.

July 9-------Joshua doesn't tolerate feedings through oral gastric tube

July 12------nasal cannula is removed and he begins breathing on his own & tolerates feeding

July 13 -----feeding tube is placed in nose to free up his mouth

July 14 -----begins to make noises with his little mouth

July 18------passes hearing test and Dr. reports liver is swollen but not a concern

July 19-- ---due to inability to suck, surgery performed for gastrostomy tube

July 24/25 --second liver exam shows no change, neurologist reports third EEG still shows abnormality in the brain but does show slight improvements

July 26------ Joshua shows little signs ability to suck......& Joshua COMES HOME!!!

**************NEW UPDATES ********************

August 11----Joshua discovers his voice!! first vocal noise (beginning of his cry)

August 27----EEG looks better than last (still spiked activity--seizure activity under control

Oct. 4------liver report looks better

Nov.16-----diagnosed with infantile spasms/EEG is worse than last because of spasms

Nov. 29----cardiologist gives good report, everything looks good

Dec. 22-23---admitted to hospital (meds cause lungs to be filled with secretions) & diagnosed with laryngo malacia

April 23, 2008------Joshua's First smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, as of right now his lungs, liver, & heart are doing fine. He still has to be suctioned because of his swallowing & laryngo malacia. We are still working with his suckling. He is crying much louder now and more frequently. The infantile spasms have gotten better, we are still working on getting rid of them completely (changing up meds). He is also starting to pick his head up even more and his eye contact is better also. There are times where I catch him focusing on things/people. He will even track a tiny bit at times. His trunk is still weak but my little determined baby works very hard. At this time he is attending Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and we have just added Occupational Therapy. Keep Praying for him, he has come a long way!!!!!!!!!


TexasMomof3 said...

I found your link on cafemom. What an awesome little miracle you have there!