Saturday, April 26, 2008

Working on it..........Keep us in your prayers

Thank you to those of you who said you would help us. As of right now Tony's aunt found someone to donate the raffle tickets!!!!!! Tony is planning on purchasing a cruise to raffle off (like an $800 cruise) through his web site (comfort travel center). This will be first prize. Now we are just waiting to see if a "second prize" that we are planning to get will come through. Thinking about a tv. As far as the third prize, a friend said he would get us a meal for two. So we should get a word by Monday if not we are gonna have to do without the tv. I am just praying for this to go as smooth as possible. I will still need people to help get the word out and help sell or give me people to try to sell to.

As far as Joshua, I'm so so excited. Just yesterday he gave me a "real" smile for the first time. I am praying that with this therapy he will get enough strength to push him even more into the "right direction" and "awaken" his little mind even more. He is such a strong baby and so so determined. He has come such a long just can't imagine how awesome it feels right now. At first he didn't even cry at all, not one sound. We waited so so so long to hear him cry and now he cries!! The other thing I've been praying for was a smile. I even prayed it would be my Christmas miracle and now to see his smile!!! God has his own time. I almost want to say "what if it is a fluke and just some random thing he did. Then I think, who the heck cares....I'll take any little baby step.....Thank you Lord. I can not express enough, the emotions I feel. Believe it or not ........even through all we've gone through I still believe GOD IS SO GOOD! Keep Praying for us, it really does help.


Vanessa and John said...

you should post the super cute smile pic!! :)

Vanessa and John said...
this is an awesome lady who is so spiiritual, she lost a aby last year.

cammycakes19 said...

Myra & Tony,

Please call me I viewed your site and it was so touching. I am so glad I saw you Myra, I have been thinking about you all and your baby. I would love to help with any functions you all will be having for Joshua.

Liza Jimenez